Growing up, my family always had cameras around, which drove my initial interest in photography. Despite the early interest and access to equipment, it wasn't until January  2018 that I started regularly taking and editing photos.

I was fortunate enough to start my photography career at The Canopy Club in Champaign, IL, where I had amazing photo opportunities and supportive mentors. It was there that I really developed my passion for capturing the moments that matter.

I love seeing someone's eyes light up when they hear their favorite song.  I love seeing someone put their heart and soul into dancing and being in the moment.  I love seeing an artist pour their energy into a set because they feel the love from their fans.

I think music should make you feel something and I want to capture those feelings and make them permanent.

Since moving to St. Louis, I have continued to seek out opportunities throughout the area to view shows through a different lens.  And I have really felt the love and appreciation from the community for documenting these shows.  I have seen how dedicated and supportive the music community is, across both cities that I have worked in, and I hope to continue to contribute to those communities.